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Nikon or Sony
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Nikon or Sony  

Eric Hansen
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Joined: 9 years ago
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I am a long time nikon user. I am contemplating switching to Sony. Interested if anyone has had this experience.

Robert Winch
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Joined: 8 years ago
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I have not done this, but was wondering what your reasons for contemplating such a move.

I too am a long term Nikon user, but recently bought an Olympus micro four thirds camera as my take everywhere camera, because it is so small and light.  but my Nikon is still my photo shoot camera. 

Kevin Woodbury
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Joined: 8 years ago
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I have a friend who did this and purchased a Sony a7R and loves the camera over the Nikon.   I don't know the details regarding lens's (I also have a friend who shot with Canon and switched to the same camera...there is an adapter for Canon Lens's to work with the Sony but I'm not sure about the Nikon Lens's.   Either way, both friends swear by the Sony.