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The FCCC Competition Committee meets in a continuing effort to improve the experience of competition for members.  Submissions have steadily increased in the past few years to over 1,200 in some of the triannual competitions! This high level of participation indicates that there is a healthy process in place which we pledge to continually update and improve.

In order to continue this high level of participation and to continue to provide photographers with a rewarding experience, two strategies were developed for advanced and beginning competitors:

  1. A system of 4 ribbon levels was developed to give striving photographers the opportunity to move upward through the levels rather than just getting either a yellow or blue ribbon.
  2. Those levels are Blue or Outstanding for the top 5% of scores, Red or Excellent for the next 5%, White for Notable to the next 5% and Yellow or Honorable Mention for the next 10%.
  3. The blue ribbon will be given out to fewer people than previously making it a higher honor for advanced photographer’s to earn.
  4. Once a photographer wins 12 blue ribbons in this system, they will be awarded a Florida Excellence in Photographic Arts award or F.E.P.A. which can be used in resumes, press releases, websites, etc. to indicate their level of achievement as recognized by the Florida Camera Club Council. Additional levels may be put into place in the coming years.

This system will begin with the results for the 1st Triannual  Competitions in 2018.

This Achievement Award in #4 above will begin from a clean slate for all photographers with the results of the 1st Triannual Competition in 2018. No previously awarded blue ribbons will be used in the tally since they will have a different value in the new system.

Thanks goes to all photographers in clubs across the state who regularly participate in FCCC Competitions and to those who volunteer their time freely to ensure competitions continue!

Revised December 2017