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25% of the entries in a category win ribbons. They are distributed as Blue (top 5%), Red (next 5%), White (next 5%) and Yellow (next 10%). It can get confusing, especially when there are ties for scores that cause overlap. So here’s an example and another explanation at the end:
  • 27 total images (25% wins a ribbon, which is 6.75 rounded up to 7 total):
  • 5% Blue (1.35 ribbons, rounds down to 1). There were three with the same top score, so at this point 3 total ribbons awarded. 2 eaten into the next set of ribbons.
  • 5% Red (1.35 ribbons, rounds down to 1) — so top 10% wins Blue or Red (2.7 total ribbons, rounds up to 3 total, 3 already filled by Blue, 0 remaining for Red). At this point still, 3 total ribbons awarded, but none of them are Red.
  • 5% White (1.35 ribbons, rounds down to 1) — so top 15% wins Blue, Red, or White (4.05 total ribbons, rounds down to 4 total. 3 already filled by Blue (3) and Red (0) winners, so 1 remaining for white). Since two had the same score for 4th place, they both got white. At this point, 5 total ribbons awarded. 1 eaten into the Yellow ribbons.
  • 10% Yellow (2.7 total ribbons, rounds up to 3) — but only top 25% wins a ribbon (6.7 total ribbons, rounds up to 7 total, 5 already awarded, so only 2 remaining for Yellow). All 7 ribbons now awarded.

It can seem confusing when score ties occur, but think of it this way — if the Phillies and Marlins were tied for first place with 95-67 records, and the Mets had a 93-69 record, would the Mets be in second place or third place? Just because the two teams above them had the same record, it doesn’t change the fact that they have the third-best record, so they are still in third place.

You also may notice at times that a color or two may not even be represented in a category. The reason for this is because many images can tie, causing enough of an overrun into the next color so that no ribbons for that color would fit. For example, if 10% fill up Blue due to numerous images with the same score filling the bottom of that color, there may be nothing remaining to get a Red ribbon. So after 10% or more already get assigned to Blue due to several ties (so they all deserved Blue), there would be nothing left that gets Red, and White would get the 11th% through the 15th%.

At this time, our policy is to accept tastefully done nudes. If the competition committee feels that an image is pornographic, it will not be allowed. That will be left up to the discretion of the competition committee.

Remember that although the default title for your uploaded image comes from the file name you gave it, you can easily change the title after uploading it. Simply click on the title field under the uploaded image, and replace the current title:
Rename Image

This used to be the case, but this limit has been removed with the latest rules and regulations. Now, all four images can be submitted to the same category.

There is an issue in Internet Explorer with the upload process where only one image at a time can be uploaded. If you upload, but do not see your image displayed, there are two workarounds:

  • After you upload each image, refresh the page, and then the next upload should work.
  • Use another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. It appears to be working fine in these browsers.

Also, please make sure your image files are under 8mb.

We are still looking at this, and it is a very elusive bug to fix. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It’s very likely that you paid for a previous (now completed) competition. It’s extremely important that you take note of the type of competition in the headings displayed on the page before paying. We tried to make this very clear by displaying it in red in two places on the page, above the Pay Now button. A common occurrence is when the digital competition comes right after the end of the print competition for a triannual. See the image below — it now says “digital,” but could have said “print” when you paid:

This is likely because you have recently joined the FCCC website, but the join process is not fully completed yet:

  • If you joined as someone affiliated with a Florida camera club that is under the FCCC umbrella, the leaders or reps of that club need to confirm your membership with that club in order for you to be an approved “free” member of this site. When you originally joined this site, you would have received a join confirmation email explaining this fact. At the same time, the reps of that club would have also received an email asking them to confirm your membership with that club. The reps would receive daily reminders until they either confirm or deny your membership. If you still haven’t received an email confirming either decision, it is up to you to reach out to them to let them know you are awaiting their action. At this point, it is out of the hands of the FCCC.

When you upload your images on the submission page, you won’t see them in the current gallery pages until they are approved by the competition admins. Also, make sure you select a category for you images, otherwise the admins won’t even see them for the approval process.

Under the new 2016  competition rules there is only a Beginners class in the Color Category in all other categories Beginners are included with Advanced in a new “Mixed” Class. When viewing galleries you  must select the “mixed” class for Mono, Creative, and Documentary entries. If you select  advanced or  beginners for those categories you will see “This competition did not occur or has yet to take place.”

When you upload an image, it must be approved by our competition directors before it becomes officially eligible for competition. This review process can take up to 24 hours, and even longer on weekends or holidays. Remember, although the directors make every effort to quickly approve images, all roles at the FCCC are volunteer roles, and the people serving those roles may have other pressing priorities. So, if your image has not yet been approved, it does not mean there’s something wrong. It can simply mean the competition directors did not get a chance to review it yet.

If you decide at the last minute to submit your images, especially for print competitions where you need to print out labels and entry forms before delivering the prints, it is unreasonable to expect your images to be quickly approved. Please do not wait until the last minute. Otherwise you may not be able to enter the competition, even though you’ve paid the entry fee and uploaded your images. Sorry, but refunds will not be issued.

The reason for this approval step is for the protection of the maker and the public:

  • Our directors need to ensure that no “offensive” images are publicly displayed or entered into competitions. This decision is solely based upon the discretion of the directors.
  • Our directors need to ensure that there is no identifying information in the images. This means that your name and your club’s name must not appear in the image title, or embedded in the image, itself.
  • Our directors may want to suggest moving your image to a more appropriate category before approving the image. Although there is no requirement for you to do so, it is recommended that you review the Competition Rules and Regulations page to ensure your image has the best possible chance of doing well in judging.
  • If you aren’t already a member of the FCCC site, you would first need to join the site. Visit this FAQ to learn how to do this.

    Once you are a member, you will see the Submit Images item under the Competition menu. Here’s a direct link:

    When you visit that page, you will see instructions for paying the entry fee and submitting your images.