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If you have issues on this site, and you need to contact us about it, it is extremely important that you explain:

  1. Exactly what page you were on when you encountered the issue (copy the link in your browser’s address bar).
  2. Exactly what you were trying to do at the time (buttons clicked, fields filled out, etc.).
  3. Exactly what the response was from the site (messages, text, behavior).
  4. The browser you were using (and what the version of that browser is).
  5. The operating system you were using (and what the version of that operating system is).

If you don’t provide us with these details, we’ll have just as much success resolving your issue as if you went to the doctor and just said, “Doc, I’m not feeling well. Please give me medicine.” Obviously the doctor won’t know what’s hurting you, how to diagnose your problem, and what to prescribe as the proper treatment and prescription.

Of course, you probably do understand this, but you’d be surprised how many comments we get that simply say, “Your site is broken. Fix it now.”

Thanks! 🙂

If you can’t find an answer to your question on this page, you can contact us directly by selecting the Contact Us item under the About menu, or by directly visiting this link: