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Christine is available as a Speaker and a Judge

Christine Cook, FCCC Digital Competition DirectorAbout Christine

Dr. Christine Cook is an accomplished photographer, winning awards locally, state-wide and internationally. She teaches classes in photography and has judged many competitions in the state of Florida and internationally. Following successful completion of a PSA judging class, and years of mentorship with experienced judges and extensive research, Dr. Cook developed a Judges’ Training curriculum for her local club. She is now offering this curriculum to all clubs in the state. Dr. Cook is the Florida Camera Club Council’s Director of Digital Competition.

Dr. Cook is frequently asked to present on various topics. She teaches photography and post-processing at the Naples Botanical Garden and provides individual tutoring. As a Florida Master Naturalist, her knowledge of the natural environment enhances the photographic experience. Because of her extensive experience teaching at the college and professional levels all her life, people of all skill levels learn valuable lessons in her classes while having a great time!


Presentation Topics Offered:

  1. Monochrome Photography
  2. Flower Photography, Macro and Close-up
  3. Post-processing using Photoshop – Beginner and Intermediate Levels
  4. Creative Photography In-Camera
  5. Creative Post-processing in Photoshop
  6. Judging Skills for Competition
  7. Photographing in Natural Light
  8. Compositional Guidelines for High Quality Images
  9. Individual topics in composition:
    • Shooting from Different Angles
    • Rule of Thirds and Golden Spiral
    • Value of Leading Lines
    • When & Where to Crop
    • Creating dimension and depth
    • Assuring a clear main subject and supportive background

Session Lengths: All topics can be presented in short or long sessions, from 1 hour for an introduction, up to 3 hours long for more intensive coverage. All topics can also be all-day experiences. Many topics, such as Flower Photography and Photographing in Natural Light can be accompanied by in-field practice and guidance. This arrangement would require at least a 3 hour time period.

Travel Info: I am willing to travel when expenses for travel, and lodging if necessary, are covered in addition to a speaker’s fee.

Webinar: I can teach all of the workshops and trainings via live Webinar. This eliminates the costs for travel and lodging, but of course does not have the same personal contact as on-site training.

Christine also offers judging both in person and online using DropBox.