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Instructor: Dr. Christine E. Cook (see bio)

Date: June 3, 2017, 9-11:30am

Description: This Webinar will address the following questions – What makes a high quality creative image? What might makers consider before entering a creative image into a contest? What criteria do judges apply when scoring creative images?

Target Audience

1) Photographers who judge competitions with creative images

2) Photographers who enjoy making creative images


1) To help judges understand creative images better in order to judge them fairly.

2) To offer photographers quality standards and suggestions to improve their creative images.

The class will be based on the definition of a Creative image as stated in the FCCC Competition Rules and Regulations and will include:

  • Examples of different types of creative images
  • Criteria of excellence as they apply to creative images
  • Practice scoring images for the benefit of judges as well as for photographers interested in seeing how creative images are scored.

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Cost: $25 paid via PayPal


Attendance is limited to 25 people.