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Richard is available as a Speaker and a Judge

Richard TindellAbout Richard

Richard is a photographer, author, lecturer, teacher and landscape architect.

He started shooting photographs in the early 70s and, like most landscape architects, his camera exceeded both his ability and his needs. Photography was a tool to document and record the environment and to create images of proposed projects, the gardens that were imagined and yet to be built.

Trips resulted in more pictures of plants and paving and fountains than family (a short coming that has been rectified). His photos have appeared in several professional publications and on magazine covers.

For over 20 years, Richard was an adjunct professor of landscape design at Broward College and served as an instructor and speaker for the National Garden Club. In 2005 Richard moved to Naples taking the opportunity to partner with his friend and mentor, Jack Lieber.

A 30 years delayed honeymoon to Tuscany reawakened the joy of making images for fun and a new direction in photography. He is enjoying the adventure with his wife, Susan. His children and grandchildren are tolerant of the ever-present camera in his hands. Richard is active in DPI-SIG, the Naples digital camera club, as a presenter, as Director of Competition and the Photoshop Users Group. He has served as a judge of photographic competitions both locally and statewide taught photography and post processing to small groups and individuals as well as in formal classroom settings.

Richard is a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago; he moved to Florida after military service. He and his wife Susan live in Naples.


Phone: 239-776-2718

Travel Info: Not more than 2 hours from Naples.